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"I have enjoyed working with Robert for the last four years.  He has shown me what it takes to become a successful annuity producer, from marketing to his sales process and everything in the middle.  Becoming part of Robert's group has allowed me to surround myself with other producers with the same goals as I have, and this has proven invaluable my own production."

Jeffrey Welling, Financial Planner
Austin, TX

"Robert and his associates have taught me more about the business in 3 and 1/2 months then I learned in the entire year and 1/2 with the other guy!. I have learned fantastic marketing strategies. And I have grown tremendously in my ability to put on a quality seminar. I appreciate all he has done for me and my business up to this point and plan to have continued success."

Karrie Spigener, Retirement Specialist
Austin, TX

"I am new to Working with Robert. I am very impressed with process, the training, and the organization of the seminar system. Very impressive. I am looking forward to implementing the system and seeing the success."

Wes Bennett, Asset Manager
Austin, TX

"I joined Agents Advisory Group in 2008. Previously I worked with a financial group in Mission TX. Robert is very generous with his time and support. He has spent many hours training agents to be the best they can be. He has put together a group that is 2nd to none. We continue to train and learn how to be better on a weekly basis. Robert has given several agents the ability to go out on their own with the marketing and sales training to be successful. Several of his protégés have become very successful, yet they still contact Robert for support and new ideas. Robert is always there for his agents, clients, and staff, but most of all we are all like family at Agents Advisory Group."

James Coultas, Financial Planner
Austin, TX

"I just joined the First Fidelity team this past week. I did so because it is evident that Robert Dorrestijn and his team have a mission and a plan on how to reach their goals. They have experiences that I am lacking. I know that the fastest way to reach my goals is to work with folks that are good in several senses of the word. Do your due diligence and I think you will come to the same conclusion."

David Simmers, Tax and Financial Consultant
Austin, TX